Innovation, research and efficiency in progress
(“TATSA INC”), a cutting-edge automotive company dedicated the design and production of quality and affordable passenger transport vehicles. Offering innovation, experience, quality and high-end technology, with products tailored to the specific needs of each market and client, TATSA is a company that rapidly becoming a global leader in bus manufacturing.

Dedication to Excellence: TATSA is dedicated to making each and every product the highest example of:

• Agility –
modern methods of modeling and engineering calculation ensure that bus structures are both strong and light;
• Se curity –
high level of safety for both passengers and drivers;
• Savings –
low operating costs;
• Efficiency –
minimum fuel consumption;
• Comfort –
ergonomic designs that combine comfort, function and aesthetic;
• Reliability –
all of our units comply with the requirements of the Quality Management Systems Standard EPA, FMVSS, DOT
• Compliance with international standards –
compliance with Euro III to V international emission standards for heavy duty vehicles.
Sold over 2000 urban buses to Grupo Plaza between 2005 and 2015, this buses runs all around Argentina and most of them in Buenos Aires city.


Trough a Joint Venture with a Chinese company manufactured 154 urban CNG buses to run COSAC 1 during 2009
> 78 articulated units
> 20 urban 40 buses
> 56 urban 30 buses

TATSA developed a new 30 Charter that comply with all Federal Regulations.
Sold 2 buses to Redcoach inc and run Florida.